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Introducing the Centre for Trade & Cooperation (CTC)

A vanguard initiative poised to redefine the contours of current foreign policy discourse in Germany. Envisioned as an independent entity, CTC aims to closely collaborate with leading foreign policy figures, serving as a think tank, consultancy, and networking hub.

CTC is dedicated to providing strategic consultancy services designed to forge realistic and pragmatic foreign policy solutions aligned with Germany’s national interests.
Global Network
We are committed to developing an extensive network of policymakers, business leaders, and experts to enhance international dialogue and cooperation.
CTC organizes premier events, conferences, and workshops, serving as a dynamic platform for idea exchange and the advancement of our foreign policy vision.
Think Tank
Through rigorous research, we generate and disseminate in-depth analyses and policy papers that reflect our core principles, contributing to the formulation of effective foreign policy.


Crafting a Growth-Focused Foreign Policy Narrative.

Our mission is to craft a compelling, growth-focused, and pragmatic alternative to the prevailing interventionist, feminist and so-called value-driven foreign policy narrative, which we believe has significantly influenced the current economic and social downturn in Germany by politicizing strategic trade partnerships ineffectively.

CTC's philosophy

In our pursuit of a new direction in German foreign policy, the Centre for Trade Cooperation (CTC) advocates for a paradigm shift grounded in the following core philosophical principles.


CTC is committed to stimulating economic growth by advocating for free trade and exploring new markets globally.

We challenge the current German foreign policy’s misguided approach to development aid, which we believe perpetuates dependency rather than empowerment. Instead, CTC promotes trade and cooperation based on economic principles that ensure growth and prosperity for all partners involved,emphasizing equitable and sustainable relationships rather than unilateral aid.


We are dedicated to fostering global partnerships that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, enhancing international cooperation and understanding.

Our aim is to advocate for German and EU decision-makers to engage more actively in infrastructure projects that promote profitability and connectivity for all parties involved. We critique the attachment of ideological conditions and condescending paternalism in such ventures, advocating instead for a focus on mutual economic benefits and global integration.


Our approach to international relations is grounded in realism, acknowledging the complexities of global dynamics while prioritizing national interests.

We assert that current European foreign policy, particularly in Germany, is often detached from reality, harboring illusions of creating a utopian world. CTC lobbies for a realistic perspective that addresses the world’s immediate challenges and issues, rather than promising an unattainable paradise on Earth.


CTC stands critical of interventions and believes that any such actions should be supported by a broad consensus among the world’s civilizations if authorized.

Respecting national sovereignty and the principle of non-intervention is central to our philosophy, fostering an environment of mutual trust and respect while honoring each nation’s autonomy and cultural identity.

Mutual Respect

CTC acknowledges the inherent diversity among people, leading to a multitude of cultures and beliefs.

We oppose the notion that the West, or Germany specifically, has the authority to dictate moral standards to other cultures. Instead, we advocate for a stance of confidence and pride in our own culture, defending it resolutely. CTC is committed to cultivating respectful and empathetic interactions among nations, fostering dialogue and collaboration that celebrate and respect our differences.

These pillars form the foundation of our vision for a more prosperous and respectful international community.

Our approach challenges the current paradigms of German foreign policy, emphasizing the importance of economic empowerment, global connectivity, pragmatic realism, the principle of non-intervention, and a deep respect for the diverse tapestry of global cultures. 

Our Professional Team

The Leaders Behind CTC

Arian B. Aghashahi

Founder & Managing Director

Arian B. Aghashahi

Arian B. Aghashahi is a trained legal expert with significant experience in the legislative field, having served as an advisor to two members of the German Bundestag. Currently, he is the Head of Strategy at a German think tank. His academic background from the Free University of Berlin and UConn School of Law has endowed him with a broad understanding of various legal disciplines. Aghashahi is committed to presenting an alternative to the current foreign policy narrative in Germany, offering growth-focused perspectives and pragmatic solutions to contemporary international challenges.

Leo Gremmer

Founder & Managing Director

Leo Gremmer

Leo Gremmer is a trained business economist with extensive experience in politics-related work. His education spans business and national economics, history, and regulatory aspects, enabling him to view the current situation from a comprehensive perspective. In an increasingly complex world, he sees growth and pragmatic realism as fundamental to harmonious coexistence. He staunchly believes that free trade should be the cornerstone of the vision for a free-world order.
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General Inquiries​

Engage with us at info@ctc.vision to discuss how we can collectively encourage a shift in Germany’s foreign policy ethos.

Our goal is to move away from a prescriptive and moralistic stance towards a more economically driven and cooperative approach.

Your participation is crucial in advocating for this change, ensuring that practicality and mutual respect guide Germany’s international engagements.

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